Healthy Eating

Tomato.jpgGood, healthy food makes all the difference to how children learn, develop, sleep – and even behave. We employ our own full-time cook and kitchen assistant, and have our own catering kitchen on the premises. Our chefs provide a balanced and nutritional diet, and use fresh produce whenever possible. We also follow the 'Eat better, start better' programme developed by the Children’s Food Trust. Special dietary needs are catered for and menus are always displayed on the parents’ noticeboard in reception and are available upon request.

We do not store or serve nuts in the nursery, however we may serve foods from packaging that includes the words ‘may contain nuts’, or ‘produced in a factory containing nuts’, or similar. However, if a child attends nursery with a diagnosed nut allergy we will immediately remove these items from the menu.

beaker-and-biscuit.jpgThe nursery runs a Breakfast Club to take the pressure off parents who need an early start – on either a permanent or an occasional basis. The Breakfast Club operates from 7.45am to 8.45am Monday to Wednesday. There’s a choice of cereals, toast, milk, fruit and yoghurt. A senior member of nursery staff, supported by up to two other nursery workers, is on hand at all times in a supervisory role.

The cost is £8.80 per session for regular bookings, or £11.00 for occasional bookings, including the cost of breakfast itself.