Babraham Nursery

Where every child is recognised as an individual  

Babraham Nursery is an OFSTED-outstanding rated childcare facility, based on the outskirts of Cambridge and within the grounds of the Babraham Institute. Available to both institute staff and the wider public, we provide a happy and safe place where children aged from six weeks to five years can learn, play and be themselves.


6 weeks to 12-15 months

Registered to take up to nine babies aged from six weeks to 15 months (approximately), our Ducklings room is a half-carpeted space with separate area suitable for messy play.

All babies are individuals, so Ducklings is set up to allow them to eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and play when they’re feeling energetic.



15-24 months

As babies become toddlers, so the world becomes a giant playground. The Caterpillars’ room has been designed as a safe but inspiring environment where toddlers can explore and find adventure. Able to accommodate 17 toddlers, and with at least one member of staff to every three children, Caterpillars is perfectly placed to release each child’s inner butterfly.



22 months onwards

The move from first floor to ground is timed to coincide with a natural shift in focus from ‘discovery’ to ‘adventure’. As toddlers become small people, so the world becomes a giant playground. Butterflies need freedom, so we encourage ours to play outside and to explore.




Heading off to primary school can be both an exciting – and a challenging – time for children and parents alike. Our Explorers group eases the transition by introducing pre-schoolers to many of the skills and activities they’ll encounter the following autumn, and by encouraging a readiness to learn