Daily Routine

A daily routine is important, as it provides structure and reassurance to small children. Our routines are designed to be practical enough to cope with the demands of the nursery, and yet flexible enough to provide a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment where you can safely leave your child. Ducklings (babies) follow a routine that suits their natural rhythms, while the daily pattern for all other age groups follows a similar basic structure, but is tailored to their specific needs.


0745 Breakfast Club opens
0845 Nursery opens - free play
0945 - 1100 Rolling snack time / free-flow play
1115 - 1200 Group activities
1200 - 1245 Lunch
1300 - 1430 Sleep/rest time for younger children, free play and planned activities
1430 - 1500 Rolling snack time
1500 - 1600 Free-flow play
1600 - 1645 Tea time
1645 - 1745 Free-flow play
1745 Home time (1715 on Fridays)


If your child is unwell please don’t bring them to the nursery, as doing so isn’t fair on your child, our staff, other children, or their parents. In all health matters we follow the guidance provided by Public Health England. If your child cannot attend due to illness a phone call is always appreciated (and essential if they have a communicable disease, so that we may inform other parents).

What to do if your child is ill