15-24 months



The Caterpillars’ room has been designed as a safe but inspiring environment that little ones can explore at their own pace. Able to accommodate 17 toddlers, and with at least one staff member to every three children, Caterpillars provides the ideal setting in which to release each child’s inner butterfly.

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Located on the first floor, the Caterpillars room features an unusual layout, with secret nooks and even its own little ‘corridor’ within the main space. It is, quite simply, a place for small people to explore. Kept warm in the winter and air-conditioned in summer, the main play space includes a construction area, large pull-up mirror, busy boards and a wooden slide to support children’s blossoming physical development. There’s even a hidden book corner strewn with floor cushions, where staff read stories and sing songs, and where children can browse.

Toddlers can move from Ducklings to Caterpillars anytime from age 12-15 months, depending on the individual. Each child is allowed to develop at his or her own pace.

There are lots of toys and other interesting stimuli. A large mounted mirror often proves irresistible – especially when dressing up – while a home corner and permanent kitchen area help build social skills. As with all rooms, we encourage both in and outdoor play all year round. All activities are planned around Early Years Foundation Stage best practice, with some key activities shared daily with parents via our Blossom app.

Like in the Duckling room, the Caterpillars team utilise our Blossom app to communicate a host of information to parents about their child's nursery day, via the daily diaries. Both of the under 2's rooms include information regarding mealtimes, bottles, sleeps and nappies as standard. Additional information may be communicated in the daily diary, when necessary, such as medication administration reminders. Blossom is also utilised to send news letters, keeping you in the loop about upcoming events or new developments within the rooms and to share important or helpful information. There is also a space on the app for parents to record their own home observations sharing special events, experiences and interests at home. 

All senior staff are experienced and fully-qualified with additional staff in the room often studying to achieve these qualifications. The staff team are also often assisted by students hand-picked from local colleges (although it should be noted that students are not counted in staff/child ratios). An intercom connects the room to the rest of the nursery, ensuring that additional help is always at hand.