32 months onwards

Greater independence

The Pelicans room is a fun, bright an airy space where children can develop a greater sense of self and better understanding of those around them. With places for up to 24 children, it’s located on the ground floor and enjoys direct access to the garden. Pelicans covers the age range 32 months to pre-school years, but – more than anything else – is a place where your child can learn and become more independent at their own pace.

The pelican is a gregarious bird, which travels in flocks and works cooperatively – a direct parallel with the skills many children begin to develop at this stage. Apart from that (and, as any child will tell you), pelicans are fun!

The Pelican’s room is split into two sections, with a carpeted space and an area for messy play. Toys are stored at child height and cover all areas of personal development. Children’s artwork is displayed on a ‘This week in Pelicans’ board. There’s also a ‘Seasons’ board with artwork relating to the current time of year, and a ‘Children’s choice’ board with work based on any theme of interest at the time.

Each day has both planned activities and free-time slots when children can choose their own activity. A book corner, drawing and writing area, sand and water play area, hands-on table, construction/small world area and role play area, mean that there’s always something for everyone. We also have our own computer with children’s software.

The Pelican’s room is located near to the children’s bathroom, and Pelicans are encouraged to use it independently (although they are supervised where necessary and always before mealtimes, walks, and trips to the woods). The bathroom itself has two partitioned low-level toilets and a low-level urinal.

All children are individuals, so we take great care to support each child and allow them to develop at their own pace. We follow Early Years Foundation Stage best practice, observing each child and sharing information with parents. Supervisory staff are all qualified, and a staff-to-child ratio of at least 1:8 (1:4 for all two year-olds) is maintained at all times, while an internal intercom system ensures that additional staff can be called at any time.